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When does the CCRA have its monthly meeting?

The CCRA has a monthly breakfast the 4th Saturday of the month at Legends & Heroes Sports Bar at 9 AM.  Legends is located at the Diablo Creek Golf Course at 4050 Port Chicago Highway in North Concord.

How do I schedule a public service event on the repeater?

Contact ccrasysop@gmail.com and provide the name of event, date and period of time the repeater will be needed.  We will endeavor to work with you to make your event a success.

I would like to see the CCRA website linked to another website.  Who do I contact?

Contact ccrasysop@gmail.com and provide information about the website and tell the sysop why you think it would be a good site to link to.  If the link makes sense, we will add it to our ever growing list of linked sites.

What happened to the CCRA?

The CCRA was started in 1977 by four teenagers who needed the money to support their HAM radio repeater building habit.  The four teenagers grew up, built several repeaters, got college degrees, some even got Ph.D.’s and patents.  We got married and started families.  Around 2003 we went dormant and didn’t start rebuilding the CCRA until March 2010.  By February 2011, we completed the process of rebuilding the repeater technical and organizational groups and began accepting dues.

Is the CCRA part of another local Ham Club?

The CCRA is a stand-alone and independent club.  We love to work with other “Ham” clubs in providing public service amateur radio communications to the public and do so regularly.  The CCRA membership provides financial support to keep the radio equipment operational which is no small task.  Our amateur radio repeaters are made of a transmitter, receiver, antenna duplexer, antenna and computer controller.  Any one of these items can cost several thousand dollars with the total value of a repeater being worth 10’s of thousands of dollars.  It’s taken years to build the repeater system and we are very grateful to the amateur radio community for their ongoing financial support!

How do I join the CCRA?

If you are interested in joining the CCRA, please check out the Membership section of the web page for further information on membership and submit the form provided. We will contact you immediately. If you are a new member, we would prefer it if you dropped off the dues with our treasurer in one of our monthly breakfast meetings. That way, you can meet the group. If getting to the meeting poses a hardship, then please send an email to ccrasysop@gmail.com to let us know of your inability to make a meeting… we will work with you.

How much are the dues to support the CCRA?

Our annual dues are $30.00 per year for a single membership.  A family membership is $5.00 per additional family member with a maximum cost of $40.00 per year.  Our approach is to only charge enough to support our existing costs.  We did an excellent job of building the repeaters in the first place and they have not required much maintenance.  We are in the process of reviewing proposed projects and will determine financial support requirements as needed.  If the project cost more money than we have in the bank, we will, with the approval of membership, ask for and collect additional funds from our membership through a special assessment.

How can I help the CCRA?

Financial help is always desired so please join the CCRA.  We always are looking for Hams interested in the telecommunications technology.  The founders of the CCRA were a bunch of kids interested in electronics and it was through the help of other hams, engineers and technicians that they learned the basic electronics.  This hands on learning process is a good way to learn the physics and science of electronic technology.  If you are interested in learning how to become a technician or mad scientist ham radio is a good starting point.  Let us know of your interest and we will figure out a way to get you involved in the CCRA…

How should the repeater be used?

The VHF repeater historically has not been used for “rag chewing” and has been used primarily for public service events.  This mode of operation works well for those who want to listen for their friends to show up, coordinate or have a short QSO.  The repeater is open and we ask that it is shared in a courteous manner.

What about the UHF repeaters?

We ask that the UHF repeaters not be used due to potential interference to the Air Force PAVE PAWS over the horizon RADAR system.  The UHF repeaters should only be used for administrative command and control incidents.  The last thing we need is to be asked told by the Air Force and FCC to shut down our operations.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

What if I have a question that’s not covered by the FAQ?

Don’t hesitate to send an email to ccrasysop@gmail.com.  You can also use the “Contact” menu to send an email.