CCRA Net Procedure

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CCRA Net Procedure

This is the procedure for the weekly CCRA net. The indented, italicized, bolded text is the script and the non-indented, normal text are helpful reminders of what to do in between.


Good evening, this is [YOUR CALL SIGN], [YOUR NAME] in [CITY], welcoming you to the weekly net of the Contra Costa Repeater Association, serving Contra Costa County since 1977.

First is the Member Station Roll Call. When checking in, give your call sign and location. Also advise net control if you have any traffic for the net. Use the word BREAK for priority or emergency traffic only. Say CONTACT to call a station you’ve just heard check in. Otherwise, say your call sign and wait to be recognized by net control.

Are there any Member mobile stations who would like to check in early?

Here now is the CCRA Member Station Roll call in [either FORWARD or REVERSE] order. As usual I’ll be using an abbreviated roster this evening based on previous week check in’s so if I miss you, just check in at the end of the net.

NET CONTROL REMINDER: If you can pick out only part of a call sign or name from a check in, make only one attempt to repeat or acknowledge the name as best you can and press on with the net. PLEASE LET THE REPEATER DROP BETWEEN CALL SIGNS SO STATIONS CHECKING IN VIA ECHOLINK CAN RESPOND.

Once or twice during the net say:

You’re listening to the CCRA Weekly Net. Our Member Station Roll Call continues. This is (Name, Call sign), calling _____(next call on the roster).

After reading the roster, say the following:

That concludes the CCRA member roll call as I have it. Are there any late or missed Member stations? If so, please check in now.


We invite visiting stations to our net as well. If you’re not a member of the Contra Costa Repeater Association, please check in now with your callsign, name and location.


It’s time now for our committee reports. Is WA6EKS with us this evening?

If Jim is not present, be sure to give the date of the next breakfast and also indicate our website for membership information: Web Site:

If you have any further traffic for the net tonight, or wish a late Member check in, please come ahead now.


This completes the weekly net of the Contra Costa Repeater Association, providing public service and emergency communications to Contra Costa County. Please listen to our net every Monday evening at 7:35 on the CCRA’s WA6HAM repeater system. Please join us for our in person events as indicated in our committee report.

Thank you everyone for checking in and we look forward to seeing you next Monday evening. This is [YOUR NAME], [CALL SIGN] in [CITY] saying good night and 73.