New October 26, 2015 Roster has been posted

The Contra Costa Repeater Association’s October 26, 2015 Roster has been posted.    In it you will find our 3 newest members.  W6MCP, Matt Poertner from Pittsburg, KK6RSL, Ted Reyes from Pittsburg and Bruce Alcorn from Concord. When you hear them on the repeater please say hello and welcome them to the repeater.  Another opportunity to meet the repeater users is to check into the CCRA Weekly Net on Mondays at 7:35 PM so please check-in!

We look forward to meeting Matt, Ted, Bruce and the rest of the amateur radio community at our next and final 2015 CCRA breakfast on November 28th, 2015 at the Legends & Heroes Sports Bar at 9 AM. Legends is located at at the Diablo Creek Golf Course at 4050 Port Chicago Highway in North Concord.

As a reminder, we are now collecting the 2016 CCRA membership dues.  Please send them to:

Jan Overacker, KC6ZKS

CCRA Treasurer

981 Lexington Way

Woodland, CA   95695