CCRA Breakfast Pictures and Meeting Minutes for January 28th

General Meeting Minutes January 28, 2017

Presided over by:  Vise-chairman Doug Ferreira N6PRT

Recorded by:  Terry Burkholder KE6ZLB, Newly Elected Secretary

Meeting location:  Legends & Heroes Sports Bar at 4050 Port Chicago Highway, Concord, CA.

Meeting was called to order at approx. 9:30AM PST

Officer Elections were conducted by Steve Overacker WA6HAM

The result of nominations and confirmations are as follows.

Committee Chair:  Vicki Zumwalt N6KLS

Vise-Chair:  Doug Ferreira N6PRT

Treasurer:  Jan Overacker KC6ZKS

Secretary:  Terry Burkholder KE6ZLB

Technical Committee:  Trevor Hall WA6JAU

Repeater Trustee:  Steve Overacker WA6HAM

Attendance conducted by Doug Ferreira N6PRT, 31 present.

 John Heckle KE6VSA: Renewed his membership and gave a brief backround on his local K6ORI Radio Club Orinda.

Technical Report by Trevor Hall WA6JAU:  Everything’s working.  Reset repeater clock for announcement timing.  Conducted test with Net-zero hot spot, test to get internet on repeater.

Steve Overacker WA6HAM:  Discussion – working on plans to mount antenna and will be able to move echo link to his address.

Jim Gammon WA6EKS:  Discussion – Sharing duties of Primary Control Station.

Steve Overacker WA6HAM:  Discussion – Levels of Control, Secondary and Primary, Duties and Access codes.

Doug Ferreira N6PRT:  Discussion – Pacificon  *** Boston Marithon Ham Radio services during bombing.

Randy Jenkins KA6BQF:  Discussion – Berkley Club, balloon APRS Launch on March 14th.

Meeting Adjourned 10:30AM PST

Terry B  KE6ZLB

Doug, N6PRT conducting the meeting.

Doug, N6PRT conducting the meeting.

A view of those attending the January 28, 2017 CCRA Breakfast meeting.

A view of those attending the January 28, 2017 CCRA Breakfast meeting.