10 Attendees present at the January 22, 2022 CCRA Breakfast.

Meeting called to order by Brad Sage-K6JPR.  We skipped introductions since everyone knew each other. Invited folks to share activities in last month or so.

Diana gave Treasurer report.  Also reported of 47 members on existing roster of 1/5/2022, 37 folks have renewed their dues for 2022.  I am also keeping a weekly tally of member & guest check-ins on our Monday night NET check-in.

Brad opened discussion of Mesh and a brief summary of last months Mesh discussions.  Craig McBurney KD6RDD said the Delta Club, Baypoint/Antioch would be interested in having a speaker come to there February meeting to talk about Mesh.  Brad to provide speaker list to KD6RDD.  Brad K6JPR, said MDARC has a committee set up to work on getting Mesh up and running in East bay. Mike Warren (also CCRA member) is chairing that committee.

Bay Area Section Manager, Mike Patterson N6JGA described ARRL & East Bay happenings.
Many other individual discussions ensued.
Meeting adjourned about 11 AM.
Respectively Submitted

Diana KA6TZU
CCRA Secretary Treasurer