CCRA & EchoLink

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EchoLink is a computer application and service that provides the amateur radio service a free way of linking, using radio, computers and the Internet. EchoLink can be used by individual amateur operators as well as amateur radio groups to link repeaters world-wide. To find out more about EchoLink, please use the following link: EchoLink

The WA6HAM Repeater System Kregor Peak, Bald Peak and Highland Peak are interconnected using a digital microwave radio system. This interconnected system predates the Internet and EchoLink and provides an extremely reliable linking system for Contra Costa County.

CCRA Microwave Paths

CCRA Microwave Paths

The WA6HAM Repeater System uses EchoLink for amateurs to connect to the three repeaters via the Internet.  While the Internet is used, the repeater system still depends on radio frequency links for the last mile of repeater linking.  If you are interested in connecting via EchoLink, please do so via the WA6HAM-R EchoLink connection.

If you have any other questions about how the WA6HAM Repeater System is linked or could be linked please feel free to send an email to