Membership Application

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There are three classes of membership.

A Full Member is any licensed Amateur Radio Operator who maintains payment of dues as required by the Association will be considered a voting member. Base dues for Full Members shall be $30 annually.

The Family Membership is any licensed Amateur Radio Operators residing in the same household. This membership pays the base dues of a full annual membership plus $5.00 for additional licensed Amateurs residing in the household up to a maximum of $40.00.

The Memorial or Sponsorship Member is a membership in the name of a deceased individual or an individual honored by the Association or one of its members. If a Memorial or Sponsorship Member is sponsored by one of the members of the Association, a contribution of $10 annually shall be paid to the Association by the sponsoring member.

For a full description of these class of membership please see our Bylaws.

To join the CCRA, please fill out a membership application. The membership application can be found below:

CCRA Membership Application (Smart PDF)

Please download and fill out the form. If you have an email client such as Outlook Express, you can send the form directly using your email client by clicking the “submit” button on the form.

If you use web-based mail, feel free to save the pdf application and send it to  Please contact the CCRASYSOP to arrange payment.

You may also drop off a printed application at our monthly breakfasts, which you can find more information about on our home page.