Talk-In and Talk-Out Comparison

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The WA6HAM three VHF repeaters coverage when combined, provides for a wide area coverage repeater system. The system covers the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose area as well as the Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley in northern California.

A coverage map displays signal strength using colors. The hotter the color the stronger the radio signal.

3 Site Effective Talk Back

WA6HAM Repeater System 3 Site Composite Talk-In Coverage Map using a 2 Watt Portable

CCRA 3 Site Composite Talk Out Coverage Map

WA6HAM Repeater System 3 Site Composite Talk-Out Coverage Map

It is important to note that stations have been able to hit the repeaters from outside the immediate area. To the north we have had check-in’s into the repeater from the Red Bluff and Mt. Lassen areas. To the east we have had check-in’s from I-50/80, Lake Tahoe and Markleeville. To the South we have had check in’s from the Monterey area and Fresno. What is amazing about VHF coverage is it is line of site and if there is a chance you can see something in the distance it is possible to hit the repeaters from 180 miles away and with only 5 Watts of power from a portable.