August 1, 2022 Report

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It has been a few months since I’ve updated the website so here we go.

Jan and I have made our bucket list trip to Spain and France during the months of June and July.  It was a perfect trip with great food, accommodations, flights on schedule and no lost luggage.  The weather was hot just like it was in northern California.  Upon our return I finally got word from my attorney that our Revocable Trust was completed and we could now move forward with the process of decoupling my personal finances from what we lovingly call the Contra Costa Repeater Association (CCRA).

You might recall that back in 1977 four of us teenagers began learning how to build repeaters.  At that time we used our individual bank accounts to squirrel away the money needed to buy the components needed to build the repeater.  By 1988 we had grown the repeater to several repeaters, called ourselves the Contra Costa Repeater Association and needed a better place to put our monies to pay the phone bills and other expenses.  I was tasked to establish a bank account with a local bank which I did.  In those days it was straightforward and only required a tax ID number.  Since we weren’t incorporated and the bank needed to know who they were dealing with I gave them my personal information.  This was the beginning of a financial entanglement problem that I would need to deal with 33 years later.

At the time I received the Revocable Trust I was also given the name of another legal firm that might better advise and guide me in this matter.  I’m now in the process of scheduling a consultation and hopefully will be able to move forward with them.


Housekeeping items:

The CCRA does not legally exist in the eyes of State and Federal governments and agencies.  It is a figment of 4 teenagers’ imagination from 45 years ago.

Over the years we have had a multitude of members fill various positions within our group along with various titles.  While this is a nice way to recognize individual efforts in support of the group, these titles must be considered ceremonial titles with no legal authority since the CCRA does not legally exist.  The only real title recognized by the FCC is the repeater station licensee.  In this case it is me, WA6HAM.  I don’t bring this up to brag or to impress anyone.  I mention this as a fact to remind you that you are the station licensee of your own amateur station and legally responsible for its proper operation just like I am with the repeater system.

The CCRA is not accepting membership applications at this time since we are in the process of establishing a legal entity.  Please feel free to use the repeaters in a responsible manner and when we become “real” we will have in place a way to support the new organization.

I have continued to work with our bank and instructed them to continue the freeze of the CCRA account.  They are aware of the reorganization efforts and have been working closely with me in this matter.  The group monies are secure and will remain frozen until further notice.  All bills are being paid for out of my personal checking account and at some future time I will submit the receipts for repayment.


The last point I want to make has to do with the CCRA breakfast and events.  We can no longer sponsor these events as the CCRA.  We live in a time where insurance by a sponsoring group must be in hand to put on an event.  The CCRA has no such insurance and until further notice we cannot sponsor any events.  If you want to informally get together that is your right and please do so.  Just don’t advertise it as a CCRA breakfast or event.


What’s next:

I will be meeting with legal counsel to begin decoupling my personal finances from the CCRA.

On a parallel track I will gather information from counsel on the best way to establish a non-profit corporation organized as a public welfare entity.  These are commonly known a 501 (c)(3)s.  I’ll report at a later time what is recommended since they come in many flavors…

The repeaters will continue to be on-line and operational during this reorganization period.  Your continued moral support and understanding is greatly appreciated.


73…Steve, WA6HAM

One of the Founders of the CCRA, Trustee and Licensee of the WA6HAM repeater system