October 4, 2022 Recommendation to Incorporate Follow-up

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CCRA Recommendation to Incorporate Follow-up

I posted to the membership a document titled, “CCRA Rebuild Report as of September 1, 2022” which described the need to incorporate the CCRA as a not for profit corporation.  I provided a brief history; attorney input on our status; outreach calls to several members; banking status; operating costs; cost of incorporation and a four point recommendation.  I asked the membership for questions or comments to be sent directly to me by September 15th and recommended approval of the recommendation to incorporate.

I followed this email on September 15th with answers to questions I had received and put out another email asking for the membership to send me an email with their vote on the incorporation question by September 30th.  Your input as members was seen as a discussion among friends with views for and against the incorporation question.  The response from you was greatly appreciated and I do see the varying points of view including those who abstained to respond.

The CCRA has a total of 43 members paid through 2022.  A total of 39 emails were sent out.  There were 4 members who never revealed their contact email address and were not contacted.

Of the 39 members contacted there were responses from 17 (44%) members and no response from 22 (56%) members.  This response rate falls within the 40% to 60% of voters who participate in US elections.   I talked to 2 of the 22 members and they indicated they did not feel qualified to respond to the question of incorporation.

Of those who voted, 11 (65%) voted for the recommendation to incorporate and 6 (35%) voted against the recommendation for incorporate.

You can draw your own conclusions and form your opinion on what this data means to you personally and the amateur community as a whole.  Comments are welcome…


73…Steve, WA6HAM

One of the Founders of the CCRA, Trustee and Licensee of the WA6HAM repeater system