Home and Bldg Managers Preparedness for Disasters

Recently I had the pleasure to listen to a presentation by John Kane of D-Prep, LLc – Training and consulting services for disaster preparation and Critical Incident Response. He encouraged that this checklist be widely distributed which we will now do!

This is a 23 page checklist that has vital information regarding how to prepare your family and loved ones, your significant others and coworkers to ride through a disaster and to prepare for the worst-case scenario. We need to be ready for a two-week level of survivability without basic services. The purpose of this checklist is to give your family and loved ones a plan regarding the policies, procedures and equipment that they’re going to need to prepare for a major emergency.

Click here is the link for the checklist. HOME-1

Kane Picture.jpgBIOGRAPHY – Lt. John Kane (RET.) Sacramento Police Department and Managing Director, D-PREP, LLC. Lieutenant John Kane has worked as a Police Officer in the City of Sacramento for almost twenty-seven years. During his career he has worked almost every assignment you can have as a police officer.He has walked a foot beat, been a Field Training Officer, and worked the plain clothes Crime Suppression Unit. As a Sergeant he has supervised the communications center answering 911 calls, and led a patrol team on graveyard watch.

As a Lieutenant in the Detective Division he has commanded the Burglary/Sting/Pawnshop Unit and the Sexual Assaults and Child Abuse Unit. He has commanded the Police Academy along with the Personnel and Training Division, and for 12 years from 1990 until 2002, he was the Day Division Patrol Commander. Because of his expertise in the emergency operations field, he was also in charge of Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness for the Sacramento Police Department.

Lt. Kane has an extensive Military background. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army at the age of nineteen, and served in an Infantry Company with the 82nd Airborne Division in Vietnam from 1968 through 1969. He commanded a Military Police Company for almost five years in the Army Reserves; and was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain. He was awarded the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal for Valor and was wounded in combat and holds two Purple Hearts.

Lt. Kane has both a Master\\\’s and a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, majoring in Criminal Justice/Government. He is currently an Associate Professor at Cal State Long Beach, teaching Emergency Planning and Management along with Leadership and Management classes in the Graduate School of Emergency Management. For twelve years he has been on the faculty of the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA, as an adjunct instructor teaching at their Emergency Management Institute, in Emmitsburg, Maryland. He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy course as a Hazardous Materials Incident Commander, and the FEMA Incident Command System – Train the Trainers course, along with many other schools. He was chosen by FEMA in May 2000 to write the Terrorism First Response Lesson Plan for Law Enforcement that is now used to teach officers nationwide how to respond to a terrorist attack. Lt. Kane was a contributing author, along with several other nationally recognized instructors from FEMA, in a recently published book entitled, Terrorism: Defensive Strategies For Individuals, Companies And Governments.

He has served on the California Governor’s Committee of Law Enforcement Specialists in the Standardized Emergency Management System – SEMS, for over three years. While on this committee he helped to write and develop the book known as: The California Law Enforcement Guide for Emergency Operations. He also wrote the 2005 update project for this book. In October 2001 he received an Award Certificate from the national Top Cops Award, along with his team members, for heroism during a gun battle with a wanted murderer. In March 2002, Lt. Kane was the single recipient of the most prestigious award in California for a law enforcement instructor: The Governor’s Award for Excellence in Peace Officer Training, for his work in Disaster and Critical Incident Response training.

Lt. Kane has commanded over fifty critical incidents, and was the Incident Commander at the April 1995 Unabomber attack in Sacramento. After a five year research project, he founded his own company, D-PREP, LLC. in 1996 and developed the four-day course entitled Disaster Preparation and Management. His company has grown to a staff of over thirty instructors and they have taught components of emergency preparation and management to over 16,000 law enforcement and civilian personnel.

Lt. Kane is currently a senior instructor for the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security where he teaches Awareness and Response courses in the field of Agroterrorism. His wife Sharon is a twenty-five year veteran of the Sacramento Police Department and has recently retired as the Senior Detective in the Asian Gang Unit. They have two children, Ryan 23, and Emily 19.