VE2AQV has a new call and Benecia Amateur Radio License Class this Saturday

Some news and updates from Chuck, KI6DCD


New call sign for Art Mayoff, AA6AM.  When I met him 50 years ago he was a young Canadian lad, VE2AQV.  Twenty five + years later I think he got in a political debate with this son one day and son Robin said “you can have all the political opinions you want your vote doesn’t count here.”  Oops, Art is a take action kind of guy and now votes in Benicia as a US citizen.  I say that to point out Art is serious about what he does and it reflects strongly in Amateur Radio.  He and his Benicia team have spent months, maybe close to two years, working to make their one day study and test session an event of note.  I’ve been to a ham cram, this is not one of those.  This has been planned, honed, and proven reproducible at a very high level of nearly 94%.  No, not everyone can do it this way but it is worth a try at it.  Next Saturday will be Technician (entry level) AND General class upgrade.  Help your non-ham friends and if you need to upgrade REGISTER TODAY!


As of right now, they have over 50 people signed up to take this class from all over the Bay Area.  Don’t be left out.  Tell a friend.

I’ll be there at 4:00 to congratulate you.


Chuck Graham, KI6DCD

Training Chairman

SATERN Diablo Valley

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