CERT Training in Pittsburg and Brentwood

Editor’s note:  We just received this information so give the CERT coordinators a call.  It is reported you can start the class in week two if you are interested!

Community Emergency
Response Team
Why train.

“Because… When What if turns in to What Now?”

Why Should I Join?
Training for
Class :
1. Preparedness Disaster Awareness!
2. Fire Suppression Communications!
3. Medical operations
4. Medical triage
5. Light Search and Rescue
6. Team Organization and Disaster Phycology
7. Hands on Training Drill

Pittsburg Classes Delta Hawaii Mobile Home Park Monday Night 6:309:45 PM 875 Stoneman Ave.
Class 1 September 28 Class 2 October 5 Class 3 October 12 Class 4 October 19 Class 5 October 26 Class 6 November 2
Drill Nov 7

Will you and your family be ready? Ask yourself…
· Am I ready for a disaster?
· Can your neighborhood be self- sufficient for at least 3 days after a disaster?
· Who will help the injured and rescue trapped victims in your neighborhood; if rescuers are not available?
The CERT program has been developed to train volunteers to provide neighborhood assistance until emergency agencies can respond. CERT (which stands for Community Emergency Response Team) is based on a series of training sessions were volunteers are exposed to the basics of fire safety, search & rescue, disaster medical training, utility control and more…
We help you with the tools to organize your home, your neighborhood, church, job or organization or business.
We can all work together to Survive and help our families and neighbors… Are you READY? Is your Family?
Classes are free and are held in.

Brentwood Classes
Brentwood Police Department Thursday 6:30 – 9:45 PM 9100 Brentwood Blvd.
Class 1 September 3 Class 3 September 10 Class 4 September 17 Class 2 September 24 (fire moved to this week) Class 5 October 15 Class 6 October 22
Drill Nov 7 Free Training
Here is how to reserve your place

Eastcountycert@aol.com or CERT@brentwoodca.gov or call 925.698.7533. Or. 925.809.7815