CCRA Breakfast Meeting Minutes for February 25th

General Meeting Minutes February 25, 2017

Presided over by:  Vise-chairman Doug Ferreira N6PRT

Recorded by:  Secretary Terry Burkholder KE6ZLB

Meeting location:  Legends & Heroes Sports Bar at 4050 Port Chicago Highway, Concord, CA.

Meeting was called to order at approx. 9:30AM PST

Attendance conducted by Doug Ferreira N6PRT, 29 present.

Doug Ferreira N6PRT:  Announced Echo Link is up and in production testing, give it a try.

Steve Overacker WA6HAM:  Technical report on Echo Link performance and monitoring.

Other Reports of Interest…

Randy KA6BQF:  VE Session at Cal, March 15th.

Doug Ferreira N6PRT:  Story of how his Son going to Iraq started him into HF.

Steve Overacker WA6HAM questioned Matt regarding the Tarheel style HF Mobile antenna on his car.  Discussion promoting involvment in HF mobile radio.

Discussion – New cellular phone usage while driving Law affects on HAM radio Mic usage.

Chris Quark W6CJQ has requested if anyone has any contact with law enforcement regarding enforcement of this law to contact him.

 Steve Overacker WA6HAM:  Description of Installation of Echo Link at Steves station, how thing came together.

Steve Overacker WA6HAM:  Discussion on Radio services participation in weather reporting.

Weather underground and Bloom sky features and physical setup.

Discussion – Where’s in the world is Vicki.

Jim Siemons KJ6BUF:  Report on Presidents Day 4 wheel drive trip in Death Valley and the benefits and use of HAM Radio during the trip.

Steve Overacker WA6HAM:  Reports, new Roster is posted and new Net Control list is on the website.

Meeting Adjourned 10:24AM PST