KA6BQF report on the June 3rd BSA hike in the East Bay Hills

1. Nature of Activity: Special exercise, Public-Service Event
2. Activity Description: Provided emergency & routine communications for Fages II Hike, an annual 22 mile hike, run by the Boy Scouts of America Mt. Diablo Silverado Council , involving about 165 scouts and adult leaders and approximately 30 volunteers and staff.

3. Places or areas involved: Wildcat Canyon and Tilden East Bay Regional Parks, California

4. Number of amateurs participating: 10
5. Event start date/time: June 3, 2017 06:30 hrs
6. Event end date/time June 3, 2017 19:30 hrs
7. Duration of event (hours): 13.0 hours
8. Total person-hours: 79
9. Number of repeaters used: 2
10. Estimated person-power cost (79 x $19): $1,501.00

11. Estimated cost of equipment used: $10,000.00
12. Total estimated cost of service (10+11): $11,501.00

13. Nets and/or frequencies used: 145.110 WA6KQB, 145.490 WA6HAM
14. Number of messages handled: est 200+
15. Names of agencies receiving communications support: BSA Mt. Diablo Silverado Council, East Bay Regional Parks District

16. Call signs of major participants: KD6SWU, KK6BBT, KK6BBS, W6CJQ, KI6KOZ, WB6WTM, KK6QPE, KA6BQF, N6FUN, KG6ATH

17. Other comments: The San Ramon Valley Fire Department provided their Incident Command Vehicle (CS131) which was used to support the event. One incident occurred during this event.

Amateur Radio organizations providing service: East Bay Amateur Radio
Club, Contra Costa Communications Club, Contra Costa Repeater Association

Location: Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, CA
Submitted by:
Robert Randy Jenkins KA6BQF