Update on Cal Balloon Launch details of March 18, 2017 Flight

You might recall on Saturday, March 18, 2017 a high-altitude research balloon was launched from the UC Berkeley campus carrying amateur radio equipment, including APRS, using the call sign W6BB-1 and a cross-band repeater, and other experiments.  The balloon reached an altitude of 108.346 feet, and traveled from the Berkeley campus to west of Folsom, CA. When the balloon passed through the cloud deck, the APRS data showed a velocity in excess of 100 mph.  The chase team kept in touch, via amateur radio.  The balloon team included UC staff and students including K6JEB, W6MMR, and KJ6DBZ.  All of the above and more was posted on the CCRA Blog April 12th.

WA6EKS reports there is now a link to a You Tube video that shows the complete flight.  The video has a 4 way split screen with one camera looking up towards the balloon, another camera looking down towards the radar reflector and the last camera angle looking towards the side.  The 4th screen shows time, altitude and speed.  While there are timing discrepancies in the video it does a great job of showing how the balloon expands as it gains altitude and the moment the balloon bursts and falls to earth.  It is worth checking out!