The Hard Luck Mine Castle near Gold Point, Nevada

During February 2016 we took a President’s weekend 4X4 trip to explore the area around Gold Point, NV. If you look real hard on a map you’ll find it northwest of Goldfield, NV. The trip was led by Jim Siemons, W6LK who is an intrepid explorer and all know-er of back roads that are nothing but rutted trails.

Jim Siemons, W6LK our fearless leader

We stayed in Gold Point and knew we hit pay dirt when we were assigned a miner’s cabin. Can you see the shack on the left by the truck?

Main Street of Gold Point where the pavement ends and the dust begins…

The cabin was said to be haunted by a rather playful lady of the evening, but alas, she never came a calling.

Jan, waiting for the ghost to appear.
Jan, KC6ZKS inside our rustic cabin.

We visited a number of old mining sites like the one below.

Old mining site
A view from the trail!
A dust storm in the valley below!

One of the low-lights of the trip was hearing about the Hard Luck Mine Castle but not getting there in time to tour it. As the sun set slowly in the West we made it to the castle but never made it inside. After 3 years we found an article that it is now for sale for a cool $900,000. If you had the pocket change you might even consider settling down there. If you find yourself curious about the castle check out the link below…there’s even moving pictures at the website…how about that!