KK7WK (ex KC6SNW) SK on or about May 6, 2019

Kurt Hallmeyer, KK7WK (ex KC6SNW) SK on or about May 6, 2019

Kurt was a long time supporter of the CCRA and worked with the CCRA technical group several years ago before moving to Tualatin, Oregon. I first knew of Kurt through Jim, WA6EKS through their stories of their pre Ham days while they haunted 11 meters…good buddy. Kurt worked at the CCCSO from late 1977 until late 1997 and left their as their CAD/RMS System Manager. He was always fun to be around. Dennis Matzen, KA6FUB worked with Kurt on and off over the years while at Tiburon and other companies that supported public safety data systems. Dennis reported the below sad news of Kurt dying in his sleep on or about May 12th, 2019. Kurt will be missed.

I am sorry to say the Kurt Hallmeyer, KK7WK (ex KC6SNW), became a silent key last weekend. He was scheduled to go on a business trip Monday morning and did not show up at his co-worker’s house to pick him up. The co-worker requested a welfare check from the police department and when they entered Kurt’s house they found him deceased in his bed. Kurt had some medical issues but this was completely un-expected.

Kurt was looking forward to moving back to California as he just purchased a house, on a couple acres, in Somerset CA. This was going to get him closer to his family and where he was going to retire in a few years.

Kurt and I had also made plans on going to Hamvention this year. Both of us had wanted to do this for some time and we figured we better do it while we still could. Well I guess we waiting too long.

I am not sure about any services yet. When I do I will forward them to you.

Can you please announce this on the CCRA net? Also if you have Jim WA6EKS’s email can you forward it to him. Jim and Kurt had known each other since high school I believe.

Dennis Matzen, KA6FUB