Exercise called “Fire Watch” in West County August 17th

On Saturday August 17 0900 - 1200 dj KJ6DJ is organizing a large-scale exercise called Fire Watch in West County.  They will be setting up 5 different ICPs to gather reports of potential high-risk fire areas.  The CoCO Sherrif COMU will participate in that event, dispatching hams to West County to report to the ICPs for assignments.

Much of the phone traffic will be on the 4 C’s repeater, but to reach parts of Central County they will use the WA6HAM repeaters and exercise that portion of the COMU emergency plan.  We are aware that there is a Orinda Fire Station 45 net at 0900 … which usually finishes by 0915.  So plan on having the repeater in use August 17 from 0915-1200.
Klaus K6KHB 
COMU Exercise Coordinator