Update from WA6HAM


I hope everyone is healthy and doing well.

I’ve issued a new July 17th CCRA net roster.  You will find Don, AC6ZZ back on the roster.  I accidentally missed putting him back on the roster back in April of this year and can’t explain how it happened.  My apologies Don.  The latest roster can be found on the CCRA.US website.

All net controls please use the July 17th roster!!!

Seems like we are going backwards on the Covid-19 front and once again have cancelled the CCRA Breakfast for July 25th.  Please stay healthy and I look forward to one of these days getting together with all of you.

Last, Trevor and I have been having fun with the Kregor Peak repeater on 147.737 MHz.  After 20 years it is starting to fail over the last several months.  Trevor has taken it apart and put it together in a failed state having given up on it.  We power the repeater back up and of course it then works until it fails again weeks later.  In looking at the problem it seems as though the local oscillator is failing but so far we can’t seem to identify the component that is failing.  My suspicion is the site line voltage feeding the repeater may have transients at different times.  One possibility is when the emergency generator is exercised and power is cut from commercial power to emergency power and then back to commercial power.  To that end we have installed a UPS to see if this temporarily corrects the problem.  Long term we are getting quotes to replace the repeater and at some point will be passing the hat for financial support.  It’s been a very reliable repeater but it does need to be replaced.

If you know of anyone wanting to be on the CCRA distribution list please have them send me an email.


Steve Overacker, WA6HAM
email: ccrasysop@gmail.com
web: http://www.ccra.us