The Failing 147.735 MHz Kregor Peak Repeater has been Replaced

On Saturday, August 8th the CCRA received the new Kenwood NXR-710 repeater for Kregor Peak.  By 2:15 PM I made it to the repeater site and began removing the failing Vertex VHF repeater from the rack. I had to move some equipment around the rack to better fit the Kenwood.  The installation went very smoothly since the interface cable that goes between the repeater controller and the Kenwood had been premade. 

The ground crew of John,NU6P; Jim, WA6EKS and Brad, K6JPR provided audio for making transmit and receive level adjustments.  By the end of the process we were “close enough for government work”.

I’d like to once again thank our Technical Chair Trevor, WA6JAU; John,NU6P; Jim, WA6EKS and Brad, K6JPR for all of their help in getting the new Kregor VHF repeater back on-line.  I want to make a special shout out to Brad, K6JPR; Diana, KA6TZU and Vicki,N6KLS for making a wonderful donation for the purchase of the new 147.735 MHz repeater.  If it hadn’t been for their generosity we would have needed to ask the membership for a special collection.  In short, any trip where we don’t badly break the repeater is a good trip…this was a good trip.

73…Steve, WA6HAM