Kregor Peak is in Standalone Mode

Around Thursday, August 13th we noticed the Kregor Peak repeater was having linking problems with Bald Peak and Highland Peak. It was determined we are having problems with the microwave link and believe we understand the cause and fix for the problem. Repeater Control Stations will test to see if the link is intermittent from time to time. The Kregor Peak repeater has been put in standalone mode which means it is not currently linked to the other two repeaters which are still linked to each other.

We are tentatively scheduled to go to Kregor Peak on Sunday, August 23rd to make repairs. Why next week? We are currently having extreme heat and low humidity. We don’t want to go to the site under these conditions in vehicles with catalytic converters and risk starting a wildland fire. The current long range forecast is that by next Sunday we may see some cooling. Of course we will continue to monitor the weather and make travel changes as required.

As of this morning there have been several wildland fires seen in our area on the ALERTWildfire cameras. The cameras are co-located at our repeater sites. The nearest fire is at Highland Peak and putting a lot of smoke into our area.

All of the repeaters are operational and available for normal and emergency use. We will continue to monitor the situation and advise you if there are any changes to the system status.