2021 Membership Dues are Due.

2020 has been a bizzaro year with Covid-19, isolation from socializing and the Kregor Peak repeater failing and needing to be replaced.  Somehow we probably have survived this year and can only look forward to 2021 being a better year.  Our hope is the CCRA can resume our monthly breakfasts in early 2021. 

I want to thank the following members who have already sent in their 2021 dues. Without your continued support we couldn’t keep the CCRA repeater systems on the air and ready for the next Bay Area disaster. This list is for all paid dues for 2021 received by the Treasurer as of December 7, 2020.

KA6BQF Randy Jenkins

W6DMW (formerly KN6IOB) David West

WA6HAM Steve Overacker

KN6IOC Johnny Hackenkamp

KJ6KYT Ed Morales

KJ6PBE Susan Josephs

KA6SIP Tom Deeble

KM6SJO Spencer Holmes

KN6SQ John Remoy

KG6WPN Rita Brenden

KC6ZKS Jan Overacker

AC6ZZ Don Lyles

To keep the repeaters running we still need something called dues.  We hope you will continue to support the mission of the Contra Costa Repeater Association this coming year. Please get your dues to the CCRA Treasurer before the end of 2020 otherwise we will have to drop you from the 2021 Roster.

So as a reminder…The CCRA is now collecting dues for 2021.
The CCRA dues structure for 2021 is $30.00 per year with an additional $5.00 for family members.
Please submit your dues to the CCRA Treasurer via USPS mail. 
Please make you check out to “CCRA” and send it to:
CCRA Treasurer
981 Lexington Way
Woodland, CA   95695
If you have any questions please send an email to:


As the Trustee of the CCRA repeater system I want all of you know how greatly I appreciate your continued financial support of the Contra Costa Repeater Association’s mission.

73…Steve, WA6HAM