CCRA Board of Director Minutes for September 22, 2018

The available board members of the CCRA (Vicki Zumwalt, Steve and Jan Overacker, Trevor Hall and interested party Gene Capener) were called to order on September 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM for a meeting to approve funding for the following items.  All items were reviewed and following discussion were approved:
1.  It was reviewed and approved by the board that the CCRA will work with our Section Manager, Jim Siemons, to become an affiliated ARRL club.
2.  It was reviewed and approved by the board that the CCRA will pay NARCC dues of $20.00 per year.  The treasurer was directed to pay this through PayPal or other means of payment for 2018 dues and moving forward each year forth coming until further notice.
3.  It was reviewed and approved that the CCRA phone line will be replaced with internet equipment, costing up to $100.00 per month.  This cost will be considerably lower due to the deleted phone line of approximately $45.00 per month.  Trevor Hall was directed to find an internet company and move forward with this project.
4.  It was reviewed and approved to purchase the Link Radio at a cost of $300.00.
5.  Due to the expenses the CCRA has incurred due to equipment age and failure this year it was reviewed and approved to increase the CCRA dues structure for the upcoming and future dues to $30.00 per year with an additional $5.00 for family members.  If members have already pre-paid for next year or members have made significant donations this year they will not incur the dues increase this year.
Respectfully Submitted by Chair Person Vicki Zumwalt, N6KLS