CCRA Board Meeting Minutes for February 26, 2022


Saturday 26 February 2022

Venue: Legends and Heroes Sports Bar and Grill at Diablo Creek Golf Course

ATTENDEES: Vicki N6KLS-Chair, Trevor WA6JAU-Technical; Brad K6JPR-Vice Chair; Diana KA6TZU-Secretary/Treasurer; Jim WA6EKS-Net Control Coord.

ABSENT:  Steve WA6HAM-Repeater Trustee

Meeting was called to Order by Vicki N6KLS at 8 AM PST


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Technical Report
  3. Net Control
  4. NARCC

#1. Treasurer: Diana KA6TZU reported January (1/01/2022) B of A beginning balance of $4490.85. Ending balance of $4579.33 (2/25/2022). All bills paid. Detailed Treasurer’s Report was provided to the Board.

#2. Technical: Trevor WA6JAU reported all repeaters working well, as is our EchoLink.  EchoLink now allows seven (7) simultaneous users up from only a single user previously.  Secretary, Diana KA6TZU, to send letter of acknowledgement and appreciation to Craig KD6RDD for his contributions to, and support of, CCRA and our EchoLink system. Vicki reported speaking with John Glass NU6P, who is continuing with the programming of our new system controller. He estimated completion mid-summer 2022. Vicki to follow-up with John to assure progress and completion time line.

#3: Net: Jim WA6EKS Net Control Coordinator discussed Monday night check-ins,  suggesting we drop those members from the roll-call who have not checked in for three consecutive weeks, relisting them upon subsequent check-in.  This is to streamline the check-in process. May be implemented after further evaluation and determination of method of accomplishing.

#4: NARCC: Vicki N6KLS, as the CCRA/NARCC interface, to contact NARCC to update our repeater system coordination status and renew via their website when she returns to AZ 3/1/22.



  1. Fix B of A on-line security phone number with Steve WA6HAM and bank to allow Treasurer’s access to recently established On-Line Banking. This to ease Treasurers workload. Treasurer and Steve action.
  2. Continued past discussions regarding CCRA call sign, WA6HAM, which is currently assigned to an individual and not a club. No specific action assigned other than discuss with Steve.

Board meeting adjourned at 9 AM in preparation for general Membership meeting.


Respectively submitted

Diana KA6TZU

CCRA Secretary