Alcatraz Swim

On Sunday, May 30, 2010 the annual Alcatraz Swim will be held.  Amateur Radio operators will be providing communications for safety of the swimmers from 6 AM to 10 AM.

Barry, K6ST still is looking for help.  If you are available to help, please contact Barry at  or call him at 530-582-5206.

For more information on the event, please visit the following website:

Alcatraz Swim

5/22/10 Meeting

The first CCRA Breakfast meeting in 7 Years

At our May 22, 2010 reunion, Steve, WA6HAM covered the history of the CCRA, the organizational and technical challenges facing our group, and my his vision of the future. There is a tremendous amount of pent up energy to be directed towards this effort! A great many people were there. One of the biggest surprises was to have Dennis, KA6FUB and Michelle show up from Jacksonville, Oregon. Dennis was instrumental in helping build the CCRA.

Vicki, N6KLS, has taken on the leadership role of guiding the reorganization effort along with the help of Chuck, N6PEO. Not to be left out, Glenn, KJ6EN, will be helping create a newsletter. Barbara, KD6OKJ, will be creating a net schedule…she is the better half of Robbie, N6MNL who has been one of the many pillars that kept the Monday night net running. Gene, WW6H, will be updating our roster from a multitude of sources some dating back to 1983 with over 500 rows of data. Trevor, WA6JAU, “the technical committee” and several others volunteered to learn about the system and in the process help maintain it in the future. Thanks to everyone!

CCRA Breakfast May 22nd!!!

Thanks to the efforts of Trevor, WA6JAU and Mitchell, W8DOD, the CCRA will have its first group breakfast at Legends & Heroes Sports Bar at 9 AM on May 22nd.  Legends is located at at the Diablo Creek Golf Course at 4050 Port Chicago Highway in North Concord.

Many years ago the CCRA used to meet at Legends for our monthly breakfast.  It seems somewhat appropriate to have our first reorganization kickoff meeting at a place familiar to many of our long time members.

This meeting will give many of the users of the CCRA repeaters the opportunity to meet for the first time and place faces with names and callsigns.  WA6HAM will lead a discussion on how to reorganize the CCRA.  We will discuss our group mission and vision of where we, the CCRA, will go in the future.

This is a wonderful opportunity for new and old repeater users to help set the new course for the CCRA.  I hope to see all of you there!

73…Steve, WA6HAM
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EchoLink is Operational

WA6HAM-R is online!

On Saturday, April 17th WA6HAM-R became operational on EchoLink. This Link will be used by other affiliate repeaters to connect into the the CCRA repeater system. If you are a system representative interested in linking to the WA6HAM-R, please send an email to tumblr visitor

Diablo Century Bike Ride

The Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club has been asked to provide communications for the Diablo Century Bike Ride, a 100 mile bike event on Sunday, April 25, 2010.

The event covers the areas of the backside of Mt. Diablo (via Clayton), Morgan Territory Rd., the hills of the Tri-Valley (Livermore Hills), Castro Valley, Danville and the Blackhawk hills areas. It is put on by Jewish Children and Family Services of the East Bay. It will probably run from early morning to late afternoon.

If you would like to help out please contact Terry Matzkin, KE6WRE at

For more information on the event, please visit the following website:

Diablo Century Bike Ride

CCRA Organizational Rebuild

Please pass the word!

The CCRA has begun the process of rebuilding itself after being in a dormant state for the last several years. I would like past members and new interested HAMS to be aware that this new web site is on line and it will be used to disseminate information. Please stay tuned…


Steve, WA6HAM

Serving the SF Bay Area since 1977